Q Trac Electronic Queuing

Ready to go right out of the box . . .
or customize content to your exact specifications.

Qtrac™ is simple to use. Just plug it in and turn it on! But don’t let that fool you. Qtrac™ is an extremely powerful queuing management system that can be configured to your exact needs. Easily choose audio alerts, multi-language voice prompts, dual voices and custom text and images to customize your queues. And it’s one-of-a-kind configuration simulator allows you to view your set-up in real time before going live!

  • Choose Qtrac’s pre-installed alerts, voices and images or create your own.


  • Customize fonts, background image, sound and text by individual agent screen.


  • View your configured set-up in real time before going live.


As a pioneering leader in the area of public guidance, Q Display is proud to introduce Qtrac™, a proprietary wireless electronic call management system that streamlines customer flow,extends brand awareness, supplements advertising programs, and entertains and informs customers while reducing their perceived waiting time.

Increase service efficiency

Qtrac™ will dramatically transform the way you manage customer flow. Our “Call Forward” system directs customers to the next available service point using a digital voice and/or audio cues as well as directional arrows and text displayed on Qtrac’s LCD monitor. It optimizes customer throughput and increases service efficiency.

And Qtrac’s unique FlexQ™ feature allows a single agent to pull customers from up to 3 different lines virtually eliminating agent down time.

  • Eliminates agent “down time” due to inefficient queuing processes.


  • Efficient service promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Decreases average wait time by optimizing customer throughput.